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The game is basically a very intense Visual novel, but instead of just Failing repeatedly you get FUCKED repeatedly!!! This will will have multiple choices with multiple paths that will have consequences! If you do something in chapter 1, it will influence things up to chapter 10!!! So Buckle up ya naughty pup!!


Buying a slot and scene, will grant you a scene and the right to write your own scene

That's Right! Commissioning Sex scenes will able you to write what your character will do, and write the dialogue, all that to give you freedom over your own custom scene! The Regular sequence is a three image sequence of your own idea. and so on! You can have as many as you want if you willing to pay! almost any kink imaginable is allowed! scene is to show one or multiple images and your scene description text  right as it is shown

(The images will be similar, so the price can be reasonable to pay for)
(But if you want difference)or additional scenes it will cost extra)

Here is a list of the kinks/fetishes/ NSFW Content that is currently present in the Game can be viewed on our discord server under #game-info. Currently it has something to everyone! 70 kinks and more to come!!!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(113 total ratings)
AuthorCheesy Cookie Corp.
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsErotic, Furry, Gay, Monsters, NSFW, prison, rape, Sci-fi, sex, vore
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Triple-R-0.4b-android.apk 491 MB
Triple-R-0.4b-mac.zip 460 MB
Triple-R-0.4b-pc.zip 494 MB

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Will there be a new chapter or no?

of course ^-^ got to make another game, got caught up sorry!

Deleted 4 days ago

If you think about it this game is Horny Jail Simulator

Indeed it is xD funny how it was made before that meme, but i love that description lol

You can't tell me that the red dragon is beatable, I really can't

Oh! You mean when u answer stuff wrong and you are thrown there to fight him? Ye if you fuck up the questions u are screwed xD

(3 edits)

I tried answering every way and none work...Is it that it gets lower health if you get the right one?

Are there only 4 chapters so far? I presume there is but i thought i'd ask, also really enjoying this game so far! I look forward to more in Celcius too

oh ye! ^-^ im glad you are enjoying them! new build on christmas with 3 new scenes, i resume dev on this game after done with elsius, we at chapter 4 in triple r yes 

Perfect! I look forward to seeing more!


Ummm so quick question WTF IS ?????????????-69

IN GALLEY CH 4 HO- WH- WHY I am scared and confused and concerned.

Shhhhhhhhh he is just a F̸̡̨͚̭̦̺̞̜͙̹͉̺̝̣͋͐̐̂͒̈́́̑̎̄̒͒͝͝r̵̡̢̙̟̲̝̮̪̉͊͌͂͌̍̍̽͛̽̈́́̃́͘͘i̶͚̲̳͊̈́̆̊̋͆̿̔̃̃̕e̸͚̩͖͊̌͊͘̕̚̚n̵̼͈̖̣̺͓̜̐̐̐͛͜͜ḑ̴̛̟̲̣͉͔̮̓͂̈́̏͌͋̾͠l̸̡̛̻͚͙̯̖͔̣̞͇͙̘͇̼͈̘͔̼̘̔͊̿̍̓͗̆̄́̏͑̔̽͜͝y̶̢͔͍͉̦̳̝̙͈̞̭̬͆̂͑͂̈́́̀̒̿͒̉͊̈́̔͘͝ͅ    little fella! Isnt he cute?~

There's a interesting but annoying bug, the game will randomly crash, despite me using a high-end Android, it rarely crashes. When will the bug for Android get fixed? I dislike random crashes.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but I still encounter crashes, it's a random crashes, it doesn't freeze the game, it just simply "quits". It often does it in menu, making this game seriously unplayable, I hope on next update will have this issue resolved soon. 

I also tried restarting my phone, still same results, it is annoying, not going to lie.

very odd, i will look into it, could you tell me in which point it does crash? 

it crashes on menu and on beginning of the game. It's random, it's either in menu or in beginning. 

The thing is, its first time i seen this issue, and literally nobody else reported something like that, so it makes me think its in your end friend ^-^ sorry i cant help you


When is new update? Sorry but why no updates for this long?

As i had informed on patreon i am just finishing another game, and will resume soon ^-^


are there cheats


Nope. Not yet at least

Hi ! does someone know how to get out of chapter 4 im stuck just after waiting in the cell ,theres a blue dragon who kick me or a puzzle who finish with my ... well you know ;-;

the blue dragon fight is hard, keep on trying. For the puzzle, you need aphrodisiac immunity, which can be obtained through eating the spiced foods in a certain order, if you want specifics its our discord ^-^

Thanks ^^


Keep on trying!

Tip: only by starting the battle again the chamces for dodges or counters re roll.

You just say Zack /Portal /Boss

Took me awhile to realize but thanks this helped so much!

Deleted 35 days ago

need a respons two please

(1 edit)

Excuse medo you know how to do it nowsorry my English is not very good.<span class="retrans-span__6WAIz" <that's<="" span="" style="color: inherit; font-family: inherit;"></span>

i dont understand you sorry x3 maybe thats a bug? I will look into it ^-^

What is the correct password after cracking the puzzle?I played all day today꒦ິ^꒦ິ

Erad DNX-2

exactly as it is written, with caps and the -


is their something wrong with my game i dont get any boss fights?

try going through the aquamarine path in chapter 3

what auqamarine path?
all decision i have in chapter 3  a either Death or move on ones.None of them really open up an alternat path.
This game could really use a You-dont-need-to-join-discord-just-download-it Guide

(1 edit)

Started playing, and very early on found a piece of dialogue that said the MC has a girl waiting for him, and the MC is described with male terms. So the MC is not gay? Why is it tagged as "Gay" then? I'm confused. Is the MC straight, or bisexual and monogamous?

Short answer:

This is a Straight to Gay leaning game.


(1 edit) (-1)

Oh, ok. I'm just not the target audience, then.

(TBH I have no idea who would be, but there seem to be people who like it, so I guess there is an audience for that type of game?)

Review is based only on my experience of zero 2 times (Once being my serious self and having the best ending possible and a second being crazier, trying to experiment with other options)

The game is very fun, it has an interesting story although I don't think it's very polished in ch1, the path is very... horny (which is good, since the game is serious with what it tries to be), I really enjoyed it of the jokes placed naturally during the dialogues, the interaction with the characters tend to be interesting (With the two main ones at least) and this makes the dialogues have a greater value, the art is beautiful, either the characters or the images placed during the scenes, oh and before I finish this text, I can't forget to mention the combat system, which needs to be improved, but that was made in a way that it is difficult, but by no means impossible, which made me really like it .

Ah e antes que esqueça de comentar, eu ri bastante quando vi que tinha um diálogo em português.

(1 edit)

How do i get past ch.4 i keep getting stuck with obscene science end


Could you be more specific? Ch4 is the current end of the game, i am to release more builds

I'm stuck on the blue dragon... how do I deal with him or go around him? I tried all other options but nothing happened..

You just need to keep on trying, he is beatable. Oh and make sure you have both upgrades focused on one side. Like both strength or both speed

Idk... He defeats me in 1 or 2 hit

Well i cant say much other than what i already explsined x3 just keeo trying he a VERY powerful derg. Is meant to be hard

Well how do you get those upgrades? I think I saw the gym onc

Its one in the gym and the other is at the end of Aqua path in ch3, or beginning of ch4 in the dragon path

I wanted to know if the "shot" ending on ch4 is death or is actually one of the possible ending for that chapter and there will be a continuation on ch5.

I like Glawk but... that was too foward... and I didnt like it, but I also didnt want to hurt his feelings like that... I want Zawk back...

And I was hoping to get out of there or at least avoid getting... intimate with randos, its kind of a bummer that Vic and that canine dude had other plans, altho the canine didn't really do much and ended as soon as it started

Oh boy the answers will be provided when the next build comes, when i finish celsius. But6 i do say dont worry, everything will make sense in due time ^-^ but ye... glawk is meant to be an asshole lol Some people are just too dense. In regards to the ending. Yes there will be a continuation to both in chapter 5

Promise you getting lots of zawkassai~

When I enter the "door with red stripes, labelled as 109-6(1XDXN-2)"  in corridor 109, it crashes at the "Loading data" message after the character prepares to crack a password. I dunno what's back there but the game doesn't want me to know apparently.

Also, how do I access the gallery? I dunno how the "state desired name" thing work, and I dunno if that's the new gallery I saw that was talked about or not, I'm playing on the 0.4b version, please help ;w;

About the Corridor door, you need to wait for it to load. It will take a while but trust ne it will load ^-^

And the new gallery, it unlocks the chapter's scenes at the end of them. So the "state desired name" is the name you want to show up in the gallery scenes.

Oh okay, I'll let it load next time, thanks. About the gallery, I tried stating my character's name or even a different character's name but it keeps telling me I unlocked nothing even though I finished chapter 4 and the other chapters obviously. Is that supposed to happen if I don't state the right name, or am I glitched? ;w;

Try going through the game once again so as the new gallery unlocker triggers are activated

Okay, thanks


Does someone have a tips to win a fight between the 2nd warrior?😭

Its so hard Ive been stuck on that😭😭

(1 edit) (+1)

XD the only tip i has is sticking with the attacks that correspond to what you picks in the gym and...


Tell Jaassssssss I love him🥰🥰🥰he is sooooooo cute and his sexy magic makes me crazy🥵🥵🥵(I'm not a native English speaker so please don't mind my grammar)

I love the creators too🤩🤩🤩

Awe! Thanks guys imma be sure to tell Jass ^-^

(1 edit)

whats new in 4b from 4a ? 

and side note love your other game to

is just dome bug fixes ^-^

i do have to ask about commissioning sex scenes. 

how does that work anyways and how do you go about that? 

how much would it cost too.

are there any open slots left or are all of them taken?

sorry for the mass of questions. just curious on it.

Contact me on Telegram @Zawkie so we can discuss this ^-^ i think i may have a slot soon. But it is better to discuss it there


is there a way not to get shot at the end of chapter 4?

(sorry for bad english TT...TT )


Nah its okay buddy ^-^

There's a way to be saved if you friends with a certain feathery dude...

Thank you so much for the reply ^-^  

i have been stuck in that ending for while


If this is the last update how do I get the true ending? Any hints?

The last chapter 4 update xD there will be 6 more don't worry


Thanks for the android build! 


Always me pleasure cutie ^-^

There's a chakat in this? I didn't think that many people outside of Australia paid them much attention!

Hehehe theres a fulltour scene with one. Shi is a friend in a vore group i is in hehehe ^-^

Oh nice!

im sad to see this is the last up date was really wantin to keep going and the gallery is not working for me my file has pass all 4 chapters but is sayin i dint unlock any thing.

Try playing again in the new update ^-^

and by last update i mean the last for chapter 4! The game will continue silly hehehe ^-^


I wonder what happened to Elvor

Anyone know how to get gallery 1.5

If you complete a chapter, it will automatically unlock the scenes for that chapter! ^-^

Located on the main menu!

I get that but I already unlocked chapters 1-4 but in the update it mentioned a 1.5 chapter so I don't know where that starts much less how to start it.

Oh! I meant the gallery as a whole is now version 1.5

version 1.0 was very rudimentary and accessed by the name imput and stuff.

Now thats remade its a new gallery ^-^

Oh ok thanks

Type the name of your character

(1 edit)

no android? or not yet?

i reall want this to be in android too since my pc just broke like last week XD

Well guess what! The android build is coming this month!!!

*screaming intensify*


Hehehe I wholeheartedly hope you like it ^-^

Hey little buddy! Android build is out ^-^

nice tho is there the "hide" button?

I'm not sure... I will look into it ^-^

im on chrome i can't play

Chromebook? I don't know how that works on those, maybe search up how to run renpy games in it? I seen people use joiplay to play on Android!

dang it

I can't type the Chapter 3 Gallery message because typing Q opens the save menu

Hmmm... I'm not really sure why is that it does work for me, is the first time I seeing it. But do not fret, soon when the gallery is remade, there will be none of that nonsense ^-^



No idea why I keep getting the 'shot' ending. Seems super random

It's not, that's how the chapter ends

For all? Doesn't matter what you choose this is (at least for now) the only end for the Chapter 4?


Theres another if you get very close with a certain gryphon ;3

The best ending

Can't be download. Forbidden file :(


That's weird? Maybe it's an issue in your end? Try a different browser ^-^

(1 edit)

turn off your antivirus

If you have to disable your antivirus to download a file, not even the USSR is a big enough red flag compared to that.

Sometimes anti-virus have false positives.

or sometimes they are so bad they think everything was a virus, happened to me lots before! :3

as of the most recent game version, is there any chapter 4 gallery codes? if so, can anyone tell me them?

(1 edit)

The code is made when I finish the chapter ^-^ so there's none currently

I played your game but i been stacked in one place an another. Could I please get a discord link to join you ? I been click the top link of your discord but it would seems to me that it’s a limited time link to join and I can’t join into it now.

OH!! So sorry for the late repy i updated te link there, should work now! hehe ^-^

how can i pass interrogation scene


is there an option to make it only m/m?

i plan to on the full release ^-^

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